Alexei Kislitsyn and Natalia Pestova, organisers of Rossendale Children's Day.

"The valley of Rossendale really reminds us of Russia, and the people have been so friendly. Every child should have at least one happy memory, and this was an ideal way to put something back into the local community"

Natalia and Alexei are International Ice Dancers from Russia with a string of accomplishments under their belts.

They married in 1993 and began skating professionally the same year in the Russian All Stars ice theatre. Since then they have performed around the world in major ice dance productions.

Natalia was born in Ekaterinburgh, Russia and began skating at the age of 7. She is Master of Sport and by 1991 she had won the Russian Cup for junior Ice Dancing twice, before becoming international junior champion in Korea and Poland the following year. She also holds both Silver and Bronze medals of many prestigious National and International competitions. In 1993 she took second place in the Russian Cup competition and in the same year was the top graduate of the Olympic Reserve High School in Ekaterinburgh.

Alexei is from Odessa in the Ukraine and began skating when he was 6. In 1981 he was invited to join the Olympic Reserve group led by Olympic Champion Ludmila Pakhomova and from 1983 until 1991 was a member of the USSR national Ice Dance team. He was many times Ukrainian champion; USSR junior champion, twice USSR cup champion, and holds both bronze and silver medals from a host of other National and International competitions. Alexei is a graduate of Odessa State Institute with a degree in Physical Education and Coaching Ice Skating. he is USSR Master of Sport - International Degree.

Now resident in Rossendale, Alexei and Natalia star each year in Blackpool Pleasure Beache's Hot Ice Show production, and are also involved in numerous other projects both on ice and off, including charity work; fashion modelling and choreography for award winning retailer Sunday Best of Rawtenstall.

Rossendale Children's Day is their dream and vision. it began as a one-day event in 2000 when they organised a trip to Blackpool for around 100 local children and is now an established charity which aims to raise money for local children using the theme
"Children helping children"

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